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Fleet Reserve Association
Branch 101
Santa Clara Valley

FRA Branch 101 is a proud association of Former, Retired and Active members of the
United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.
Branch 101 seeks new Shipmates who wish to continue giving of themselves to their community and country. It is in giving of our time, effort, and imagination that we make the Santa Clara valley and surrounding communities a better and safer place for our fellow citizens.

This website is our "banner on a hilltop" and serves as a Historical Monument to our proud past, a Town Crier for our members' efforts in the present, and a Pied Piper to rally future Shipmates for a noble service to our community.

Branch 101 was chartered on 30 January 1947 (first president CM Burrell), to support the Sailors, Marines, and Guardsmen of the southern communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically focused at Moffett Field, formerly known as NAS Moffett Field. Today, our proud members associate to share up-to-date information & status of health care and retirement benefits, on the readiness of our career service members, on local community support services for our Shipmates, and on the monetary needs of the local charities our branch supports.